Monday, August 31, 2009

Here and There

The beginning and the end reach out their hands to each other
Chinese Proverb

I returned to Michigan for two weeks and spent time in Canada as well. It was a good trip. I finally made some decisions that I have been mulling over.. I thought about my relationship with photography and I've decided (not a surprise), I don't want to pursue it as a full time profession. Instead, I want to keep it as my art. But I do know I want to get out of the field I have been in for the last two decades.

I had a wonderful time with my parents. They are divorced. My father has his home on a private lake and continues to have a garden. The photos above are of his hands and produce that was out. We had a incredible insightful visit. Much the same occurred with my mother.

I'll share more on my trip to Stratford and time with friends in my next post.

I redid my blog a bit. The new photo is of a single car bridge just outside the small town where I grew up. It was decommissioned a few years ago, but remains up. I remember the first time I drove over it during driver's had scared me to death and to cross it driving was a huge victory for me. It taught me about having the courage to face your fears, about how something that seemed so huge and overwhelming is really something quite small. I walked over it, revisited some memories and got some wonderful shots. It also reminded me of journeys and the endings/beginnings that are part of the process of taking them.

Finally the song I selected is as you know from one of my favorite groups, Great Big Sea. Although it is about the separation of lover's from each other, there seemed to be an allegory about being separated from the ones who I love the most and it fit the mood of the past few months...

Great Big Sea, "Boston and St. John's":

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