Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Imagine LeanIng On One Another

encroaching darkness
attempts to swallow the land
the world lights candles

The ACLU received a record $24 million in donations over the weekend. Doesn't sound to me like people believe in the "alternative facts" coming out of Washington. People are getting it...like it or not....we have to learn to lean on each other. We're all we've got.

Playing for Change/Song Around The World, 'Imagine' 'Lean On Me':

Saturday, January 28, 2017

We Can't Keep Quiet

Here in America we are descended in blood and in spirit from revolutionists and rebels - men and women who dare to dissent from accepted doctrine. As their heirs, may we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion.
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/d/dwightdei149087.html?src=t_dissent
Here in America we are descended in blood and in spirit from revolutionists and rebels - men and women who dare to dissent from accepted doctrine. As their heirs, may we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion.
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/d/dwightdei149087.html?src=t_dissent
Dwight D. Eisenhower

And light continues to struggle to shine in darkness as the assault continues. I usually don't use 2 quotes in one blog, but our anti-president as a descendent of Republican presidents should do some reading of quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower who also said, "You don't lead by hitting people over the head, that's assault not leadership." 

This am I awoke to find out that new sweeping executive orders were signed which began to marginalize Muslims and favor Christians which some may say I'm simplifying but it's there in the text of the orders.  I don't support extreme right wing doctrine of any religion and do agree about vigilance in those cases where any religion is used to promote violence, but to tar and feather a whole group of people because of the actions of some people goes against every thing we are supposed to be about here.  I  support the right to worship in this country according to the laws of our constitution which promises freedom of religion. What's next burning of witches?

It's been a week since the march, but voices are raising and will continue to. We (I) can't keep quiet.

MILCK, 'Quiet':


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Beware of Darkness

As long as you live you'll never see a photograph of 7 women signing legislation about what men can do with their reproductive organs.
-Martin Belam

Chills are going up and down my spine. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington are rolling over in their graves. Liberty, freedom of speech and thought are being replaced by an oligarchy headed by an anti-president. In the last 4 days the message is overwhelming. If we don't review it or we don't like it,  you cannot talk about it, have it or use it. Consider the EPA current policy:
All EPA employees, including scientists, managers and other Agency leadership from suppressing, altering, or otherwise impeding the timely release of scientific findings or conclusions.

This is the beginning of what they want to do:

Scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency who want to publish or present their scientific findings likely will need to have their work reviewed on a "case by case basis" before it can be disseminated, according to a spokesman for the agency's transition team.

I'm not naive, I know there is also a review and restriction on information shared by the government, especially in relationship to new incoming Presidents and their teams, but the gag rule and EPA are just two examples of increasingly frightening restrictions. When Presidents Regan and the Bushes came into office, I was alarmed and angered by some of their policies, but I was never scared for the future of this country. Under President Obama I was relieved to not have an pre-existing condition keep me from gaining or continuing my health care. And as a breast cancer survivor, this was precious. It also protected me from my insurance company financially restricting the amount of treatment I gained. Two of my sisters, one of whom is a Veteran, who had been without health care under prior administrations, finally gained much needed policies, one through the coverage marketplace and the other the VA. I acknowledge President Obama's health care policies aren't and weren't perfect, but rather than dismantle the system, how about a thoughtful dialogue to improve. But no that would smack against the current anti-president and his teams patriarchal attitude and plan of we know best for you.

I never intended for by my blog to become political, but for a time, yes, I'm going to be speaking out. I've taken to heart the message, "if you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem". And as I wrote last blog post, I'm going to be blazing light against the darkness that has settled in Washington D.C.

George Harrison, 'Beware of Darkness':

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Protesting or Pussy Power

Never in all the years I've voted did I think I would ever reach a time when I couldn't call someone elected to the highest office in the land our President.  Even when persons came into office that I hadn't agreed with politically, I gave them the respect of what the office of the President stood for. And I cannot even do that, because now we have the anti-President. 

I am a woman, a childhood abuse survivor and was bullied in school. Thanks to wonderful people who helped me,  I grew beyond that and  experienced resilience. Further I chose to become a social worker/therapist to help people who had not been protected, marginalized or were seeking to make their life better.And ironically in that theme, this year's NASW's standard is Stand Up!

There were many protests held yesterday. I wanted to be in one of them, but due to preparing for a medical procedure I'm having, I had to stay close to home.  And as our anti-President had immediately starting taking negative actions that added to my growing dread, I felt the need to do something! So I decided to add my voice in some way. I joined with other women in the reclamation process of a derivative term and designed this embroidery art.

This is just the beginning. As the old saying goes, "It's better to light a candle, then to curse the darkness". Honey, I intend to start a blaze....

Helen Reddy, 'I Am Woman':

Monday, January 2, 2017

Rivers and Roads

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us.
Samuel Smiles

It's the beginning of a new year, or the continuing of the journey from last year. Whatever perspective you choose, there's always the possibility of the old remaining and the new beginning. Having just returned from a journey to my family for the holidays, it reminds me that no matter what you choose, it's the reaching out and enjoying the path to your destination that is important. It's all the sweeter then when you finally arrive.

The Head and The Heart, 'Rivers and Roads':


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