Saturday, October 27, 2007

Graffiti Considerations

The few remaining truths are graffiti, suicide notes, shopping lists.
Francesca da Rimini

Mention graffiti and you will find a huge array of opinions. Every thing from it's a sign of a personality disorder, of gang/criminal involvement to that it is sheer art. Like many things there is no one absolute answer, it really depends on the circumstances of the graffiti itself. Like it or not humans have have been been making their mark on surfaces since prehistoric times. One only has to look at the Chauvet caves in the Pyrenees for evidence of this. Not to mention who hasn't in childhood drawn on their wall or at least a chalkboard, or today more often chalk on the sidewalk. If one followed Jung's thinking you might say it was part of our ancestral memory and need....

I happen to love well done graffiti and photographing it. Yes, I don't want to see property defaced and criminal involvement, but when it is an used with the right consideration, i.e. as an art form for expression of self, social protest etc., it can be incredible.

Maximo Park, "Grafitti":

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