Friday, December 28, 2007

Quirks and a New Year

Turn over a new leaf
traditional idiom

Today was my last day at work until 2008 so the talk at lunch turned to resolutions or as one person put it "the turn over of a new leaf". It was the usual loose weight, eat better, get up earlier, spend more time with friends/family etc. But then someone had the bright idea of just learning to accept what is not viewed as the best about oneself in the coming year. Or as he said, it's the part of ourselves that is often considered quirky that we like to hide from others. For instance, eating Spaghettio's out of a can, or that you really do like reality TV programs better then the Discovery channel, or you really do plan on buying a Hummer in the coming next year...In other words, the quirks that don't make you a bad person, but might not necessarily put you in the best light.... BTW: the Spaghettio's in the can happens to belong to me.

What's the quirk that you'd like to learn to accept for for 2008?

Greg Allman, "I'm No Angel":

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