Thursday, May 15, 2008

Engine 51, Engine 7

Emergency! was definitely a show ahead of its time because it brought the reality of rescue into the living rooms of America and spurred countless people to support, and even join, paramedic and EMT programs...

As a youngster I used to sit with my family to watch a television show called "Emergency!" I had forgotten about the show until recently. Through a series of circumstances I found out that "Engine 51" from the show now resided at Yosemite and was apparently still being used. I thought getting a picture and gifting my Dad with a picture of the Engine for Father's Day would be great since he enjoyed the show.

When arrived at Yosemite I was able to find out that indeed it was still in the park and just across the street from the Yosemite store. I walked to location and sure enough Engine 51 was inside of the firehouse. Finding a security person I relayed my wish to photograph the truck. She told me that they would bring it out for me (!!!) if I could come back a little later in the day. Later that day I returned and Engine 51 or Engine 7 as it is known in Yosemite was parked out in front of the firehouse. I stuck my head into the firehouse to make sure that it was okay to take the photo I wanted and was met by the manager and assistant manager of DNC, the firm that manages security, fire and public safety for the park. They couldn't have been more wonderful. Not only did they give me permission to take photos, they gave me carte blanche to take photos however I wanted on the truck and inside the small firehouse. They also shared the story of how Engine 51 had arrived at Yosemite to be used along side the National Park's fire service. Universal used to run the concessions inside of Yosemite and when the need for a Engine that could fit inside the firehouse became apparent, they contracted the Engine to the park. It was originally was going to be there till 2011, but due to a number of factors it is due to be retired any time. It will return to LA and become part of the Fire Museum there.

I spent a wonderful two hours clamoring in and around the truck and taking pictures inside the firehouse. Hopefully in a small way this pays tribute to the men and women who put their lives on the line everyday to save/serve others.

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