Friday, October 3, 2008

Rock and A Hard Place

Stuck between a rock
And a hard place
Between a rock and a hard place
You'd better stop
Put on a kind face
M Jagger/K Richards

What a week. For me it's not been bad at all, but for family and country...Let's just say I'm glad that I made a decision several years back to simplify my life, so I had more time for travel and such. This recession isn't hitting me that hard so far...but then again I read that California is asking just a measly $7 billion from Uncle Sam to keep things running. Being our clinic has many patients who receive State of California health insurance funding, maybe I had better get ready to simplify even more.

Nah, I think there is hope, we just have to keep it wrapped around us and keep our fears from becoming panic. Things will improve, we just have to keep working towards that goal.

It's cool tonight and I'm watching an early season storm blow in. I'm supposed to go out to shoot tomorrow, but might have to change plans...we'll see.

The Rolling Stones, "Rock and A Hard Place":

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