Sunday, November 30, 2008

Brussels Wonderland

From wonder into wonder existence opens
Lao Tzu

I made it to Brussels today five hours overdue thanks to American Airlines and mechanical failure. What a mistake I made in not flying Continental. It wasn't so much the mechanical failure as the way they treated us during the time we had to wait. As a friend who frequently flies Continental said, "It's like comparing Wal-Mart service to Nordstrom's service". Once I arrived and settled in (fantastic guest house), I went in search of the Christmas Market. The smells; hot chocolate, hot spiced wine and various pastries came wafting towards me before I even found the Market. There was so much to see it was almost overwhelming, but I caught a few shots.

I'll share more tomorrow when I'm more caught up on sleep (I've been up about 24 hours with little sleep).

Winter Wonderland Girls, "Winter Wonderland":


ShoreGirl said...

The picture of the gold statue on top of the building with light hitting it is almost magical.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. I want to see MORE!

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