Saturday, April 18, 2009


Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity
I was lucky this week in that an unexpected opportunity brought me the Olympus E-3 I've been wanting. It's a demo model, but it looks brand new. I picked it up late this afternoon and it's been love at first sight. It will challenge me to pick up my game. I had gone out earlier this morning into the foothills to photograph and was lucky to find some great shots. One of which is todays theme. There was also great food. In a small town I stopped at what was a burger drive in and had the most wonderful burger, crinkle fries and a cherry coke (they put in the syrup). They had a couple of small pet roosters who would come up to the diners at the picnic tables to investigate what was on the menu in terms of stray crumbs. On my way home I stopped at a sausage shop in another small town. It was packed. They had almost every kind of sausage you could think of made fresh on the premises. Again I was lucky and a couple of guys in line who were regulars guided me through a selection to take home. Fresh apple sausage and waffles are now on the menu for tomorrow morning.

As I drove on my adventure this morning and home this afternoon, I reflected how lucky I am to have a job that has some flexibility in that I have a four day work week. That I have my health, people who care about me, that I can do things I love and I have so many opportunities everyday to find enjoyment in life.

I hope others can be as lucky.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, "You Got Lucky":

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