Saturday, May 9, 2009

Farmer's Market Faces

The Farmer's Market is the slowly turning Lazy Susan of the seasons.
Alice Waters via John Hollander
Early this morning new camera and lens in hand, I went to my local farmer's market that had just opened again last week. I was eager to see if the old faces were still there and if any new had been added. Most of my favorites had returned with a few new faces added. I have always loved farmer's markets and seek them out wherever I visit. However, now during this time of recession, I especially want to support the individual farmer. Fortunately other people are still supporting the farmer's market and it was packed.

The stands were full of strawberries, cherries, last fall's nut crop, asparagus, eggs, cheeses, oils, meats, bakers....Let's just say the 2 bags I brought with me were stuffed to the gills by the time I left. My favorite organic farmer's Charley and Ellie had brought black tuscan kale and told me how to steam for a minute, then saute it with garlic, a smidgen of butter and some olive oil. It turned out to be the perfect counterpoint to some chicken tamales I had picked up for dinner.

So find your local farmer's market, it will open up your senses and you will probably make some great friends.

John Mellencamp, "Rain On the Scarecrow":


Anonymous said...

GREAT portraits so fresh! Keep on with this stuff it has so much joy! havn't been here for awhile so heading back to the blog. Hoep you are well LM!

susanna said...

You are so luck to have such wonderful farmer's markets in California. And to get such great recipes straight from the farmers is pretty cool!

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