Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Winters End

Your time has come,
now hasten little snowflakes,
To vanish quite away;
The spring-tide hours are sounding gentle warnings
Forbidding you to stay.
M.E. Hathaway

I'm back in Michigan. There was a crisis with my mother that ended with her in the hospital. At first they thought the cancer might have gone to her brain, but it turned out to be a issue with her chemotherapy, so she's back home. I'm here till early next week.

It was strange to be back in snow. When I arrived Friday in Detroit there was a snowstorm. As I drove up the freeway I saw several cars spun out. Must be like riding a bike though, I got my snow legs back and made it safely to the center of the state. Today with things with my Mom more settled, I took a hike in back of her senior complex where there is a lengthy bike path. I took the opportunity to grab photos of the familiar scenes of my childhood. The temperatures are warming up, so the folks here scent spring for the first time in the air. They are more then ready. I had to tell them, we've already been experiencing it for the last few weeks in California.

I'm going to Toronto overnight for a Jesse Cook concert on Friday. My way of keeping some balance.

Jesse Cook, "Dance of Spring":

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