Sunday, October 28, 2012

Two Weeks Normal

Back to work
back to normal,
at least in most
people’s mindset.

They can breathe a
sigh of relief.

a sign that
I’m winning against the
breast cancer.

Normal means bills will be
Health insurance will be
All good signs of my continued
prosperity and well being.


When I look in the mirror
I see
      emotions staring back at me 

      coldly reminding me that
      ignoring them 
      is what took me over
      the cliff before.

Curled asleep in my bed
     dreams become messengers of
     my spirit
     weeping, whispering
     you promised
     it would be different.

I hug
emotion and spirit
to my center
reassuring them,
we are just visiting our
old haunts
for a time
until our new home is ready,
we will never be back
to leading a normal life. 

Peter Gabriel, "Lead A Normal Life":

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