Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Rock and Roll Babe

Rock on!

Meet Matilda a budding rock and roll Babe. I am now officially her rock godmother. A little explanation is needed. I keep a collection of rock and roll shirts for work outs, yoga and such. I'm in the process of getting a few more to replace some old ones. Well the one on Matilda was supposedly a woman's. When it arrived yesterday it was clear that it was a girl's. So when sharing it with my co-worker, she laughed and said it was like a Sid Vicious tee she had been given shortly before she left England. Not really American woman size and Matilda claimed it, and essentially wore it out and has wanted more. After some thought (mainly the bustier and its ahem, enhancements) if it would be good for a 7 year old who would want to wear it 24-7, I asked Irene if she could have it. Irene was fine with it and the above the result was the above. 

School is make in session here. Sure enough Matilda wanted to wear it to school. With the same thought I had that she might get a call about her taste level in what Matilda was wearing, Irene had to say no. Matilda was in tears, but Mom prevailed promising her she could wear it as much as she wanted at home. So I'm thinking I have a mission...to build Matilda a rock and roll t-shirt collection, including some for school. Hmmm, some Heart, another Pat B., The Ramones, Alice Cooper, The Beatles....

Tonight's selection is from Pat Benatar. Not all of the children I have known or worked with have been as lucky as Matilda to have great and loving parents. For them may the world be a better place that they can rock on in.

Pat Benatar, 'Hell Is For Children':

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