Monday, January 18, 2016


May your bobbin always be full.

Just a peek into one of of two areas where I am working on my embroidery portraits on vintage embroidered linen. I stumbled onto some luster ware pin cushions and I have adopted them to hold needles. Whimsical and fun. Since I am have been working on 'Dropcloth Samplers' from Rebecca Ringquist, I find myself inspired to work with all sorts of threads and yarns, beyond normal floss as she does and find myself drawn to all this lovely texture. It's funny. I am going to be teaching some basic embroidery to patients at my clinic as a sort of therapeutic modality to help them relax. I brought in a completed sampler of stitches and I found people were touching 
and caressing the lines. We love texture and I think we are instinctually drawn to it.  It is one of the reasons I decided to deepen my artistic efforts in this chosen medium.

Banks, 'Beggin For Thread':

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