Monday, April 3, 2017

Contractions and Expansions

All forms of human expression, art, science are going to become expanded, by expanding our intelligence.
Ray Kurzweil

When it comes to creativity, there is a certain amount of ADD in my approach. I will often work on two or three embroidery projects (similar to working with the music I do also). I've started doing what I call technical exercises, practicing stitches, trying out new ideas. The other two things continue with portraits and a move into figurative landscapes so to speak. The work above was in the technical exercise category and based on wanting to try out acrylic paint on fabric and doing round balls of running stitch. The colors reminded me of photos I've seen of  what we are seeing in the universe these days. From there the analogy of the universe expanding came to mind...the whole idea of at the center of new stars being created, there is a whirling mass of chaotic happening and then as things begin to form they are sent out to begin a unique life and then at end everything collapses and contracts again. So the idea for this little technical exercise formed and was completed. It was fun, freeing and now I'm on the next exercise.

The Beatles, 'Across the Universe':


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