Monday, December 11, 2017

Even at Holidays A Shadow May Fall

Don't cry because it's over.
Smile because it happened.
Dr. Seuss 
One of the hardest things, even when you think you've gotten pretty good at it is saying good-bye to someone. Worst yet, that you didn't get to say goodbye at all. I found out today, one of my favorite patients went to hospice over the weekend. I knew that a deep shadow of pain had fallen into her life, as I sat with her during some tearful episodes in the clinic in recent weeks. She had entered the hospital yet again last week....I expected her back. She had been asking for music, especially harp at the holidays from me....In fact I've been preparing to share some this week and next.So when I play, I will be sending my harp music out to her spirit and hope that despite the shadow that fell today, a ray of light will touch her wherever she may be.

Winter Harp, 'What Child is This?':

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