Friday, January 25, 2019

Light In This Forest of Ideas

This life is yours. Take the power to choose what you want to do and do it well. Take the power to love what you want in life and love it honestly. Take the power to walk in the forest and be a part of nature. Take the power to control your own life. No one else can do it for you. Take the power to make your life happy. 
Susan Polis Schutz
What I See #25

In the many years I have maintained this blog, I have spoken of work, creativity and travel. It seems as if the constant challenge has been to find my heart and passion.  And to find a focus. The path I've been traveling seems to bring me closer to those moments.

The changes at work recently helped really bring home a lesson that I've struggled to learn. I call it the co-dependent chameleon. That is I have spend a good deal of time becoming in a variety of situations what I thought others would want me to be and as of result of  that thinking that they would really see me as I am. It's like a light coming on in the forest. So now I'm spending time, really looking at the choices I make and are they reflecting the core of my being.

So I've signed up for a textile course to help me evolve a consistent vision of how I see myself as an artist  and even more importantly what I will put out to others in the pieces I'm creating. Also I'm beginning to gain a vision of how I want to coach and how it will help feed my passions (more classes still).

I don't expect the path through the forest to be straight, but I think as I travel it it, it will help me own my power.

Seryn, 'We Will All Be Changed':

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