Saturday, February 5, 2022


I search for the realness, the real feeling of a subject, all the texture around it... I always want to see the third dimension of something... I want to come alive with the object.

Andrew Wyeth

Texture is something that I am obsessed with. When I'm out with a camera, I find myself looking for texture in everything around me. Decay, rust, layers all fascinate me... When I do textile art, I find myself looking for ways to create depth with stitches. The feel of texture can be sensual and bring alive the sense of touch. We use texture all the time in arts and life.  Perhaps also it is why I enjoy doing coaching and therapy. To paraphrase Andrew Wyeth to find the realness and the feeling of what is the experience of the client, you help them come even more alive on the journey of their life.

Some of the best texture is found in music. Here is something from a long time favorite.

Jesse Cook, "Into the Dark":


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