Friday, July 27, 2007


The two things I have come to love is travel and art. I am always looking for opportunities around both of them. Inspiration to create art comes regularly from looking at what other bloggers are doing. I was talking with some of my fellow photographers and we discoursed on what viewing others work does for us in relation to our own. They said that often they found themselves comparing themselves to others and the feelings as a result were myriad. I used to do a good deal of comparison also until a wise teacher counseled me to look at others work and be challenged, inspired and to be open to what their work had to teach me.

Today I found inspiration through a new magazine, Artful Blogging which I picked up after finding some interesting photo bloggers. The first site that I will include here is Susanna's Sketchbook (see my links). She discourses on the process of art and her photographs. There is much inspiration here. My second came from shopping at Etsy and picking up Jen from Simply Photo's work and then work from Alicia Bock (again see my links). I am humbled and awed by the both the light and style of their work. It inspires me to travel with the light at the different times of day and to continue the work of evolving my own style.

My inspiration for the photo above was at a diner in Philadelphia. Good food and wonderful people. And one the best inspirations in life? Hugs!!

The Free Hugs Campaign (All the Same), Sick Puppies:

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