Sunday, July 1, 2007

Venus and Saturn

Happy 100th post. In a finale of the last two weeks of the sky show, Venus and Saturn came close together in the sky. It's been wonderful going out and photographing the last few nights. There was a quiet peacefulness, stillness and meditative quality to doing it. What was even more wonderful in some ways was how many people stopped to ask what I was looking at and then look up and take in what I pointed out to them. Inevitably there was a look of awe and surprise. I just wonder in our oh so busy lives, how many of us are forgetting the mystery of what is above us every night?

The world has been in an uproar. Once again, people who create terror to control and the people who flog/manipulate the world's anxiety through the media messages that 'the world is a totally unsafe place to be in so give us your rights', are back in business.

Here is something to answer that. Holst, "Venus the Bringer of Peace" and a prayer that she truly is for us all:

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