Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dad's Packard Clipper

I'm not old, I'm just a classic
Seen on a T-Shirt

My dad has an original 1955 Packard Clipper Custom. I never appreciated classic cars so much as I have since I started photography. Although he didn't have his Packard styled up for a shoot, I took a few shots and intend to take some better ones when I return next month.

Ironically this car came from California and only has 46,000 miles on it with all the original options/paint. He found it some years back and said he had never fallen in love so fast. He brought it home and it has been with him ever since. He occasionally takes it to classic car shows and he said he has to wipe the drool off from the car from guys who are enthralled with it.

So on this Labor Day Weekend here's to Dad, who in his retirement from the automobile industry has a car he can really enjoy after all those years.

Because Steel Wheels is one of my favorite Rolling Stones albums and this is great version of my most loved song from it, not to mention it's a awesome driving song....

Rolling Stones, "Mixed Emotions (12 inch version)":

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