Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jesse Cook Rumbas Through Part Two

One last post on Jesse Cook and I'll return to the road trip. As I indicated yesterday, one of the delights of the concert is the rapport between Jesse and his band. Also the rapport the band members have with each other. You can tell they've been on the road together as there is an ease and familiarity that can only come from that long time association. However familiarity doesn't keep the music from being fresh. You get the sense for them, they're able to play it as if it were the first time. However there was an interesting first of sorts. Jesse takes and seeks fusion with another musician(s) for inspiration with each album he produces. This time he ended up in Columbia with a very special group. As part of that an accordion was needed. Since the group couldn't tour, Chris Church learned to play the accordion in two weeks. You'd never know, it seemed like he was born with the instrument in his hands.

So again if Jesse and his band comes anywhere near your town, seek him out. Especially on this tour, as he terms it, "a rumba party" will be yours.

I'll share one of his remakes of a Crowded House tune. It is the best version I've ever heard and it resonates for me as a result of a very special meeting on my trip last weekend (I'll share more next post).

Jesse Cook, "Fall At Your Feet":

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