Thursday, August 19, 2010

Old Habits and Then The New

There are two types of habits:
ones which comfort us, and
ones which would be a comfort if we stopped.
Catherine Pulsifer

I'm finding times of stress force us if we're lucky to look at how we're living our lives. The last year has shown me that I'm living it far too safely to achieve some of the things I want. In other words, some bad and old habits have formed. So I'm trying new things, trying to view the world a little bit differently. Take more chances. Created a bucket list. Be more positive and indulge in more pleasures without the puritanical guilt that seems to be such a hallmark of being an American. And in taking more pleasure I find I have more energy to give and cope. I'm at the start of finding a deeper voice in art. Still love photography, but now shaking it up into mixed media. I haven't made time to take photos in recent months, so I'm trying to find things in the walks I take nightly around the neighborhood which I inhabit. I've formed a bad habit of not really seeing it and so maybe I'll find it again through the eye of my camera.

There are different connections with some people I've known for a while, some are ending, and I'm making new connections. So I'm working on forming "new habits". I'll let you know how it goes.

So what bad and old habits are you going to shake around?

Jeremy Fisher: "Cigarette":

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