Friday, August 20, 2010


Repulsion is the sentry that guards the gate to all we most desire.
Salvador Dali

Despite my hopeful post of last night, I must admit lately I feel like a sentry on duty when it comes to issues with my Mom and how it affects my life. In the last couple of weeks she has had an especially tough time. I've been in touch with her every day. I've been hard at work trying to repulse any negativity so I can do both my work at the clinic and be available to meet her needs.

The last 48 hours really tested that. It's been small things, but often it's the smaller things that come one after the other that can push you over rather then one major event. We had a tough week at the clinic with several patient codes and deaths (very unusual). After we had cleared the last one, I went to leave for home and found my Jeep had a tire that had lost air pressure. Luckily there is a dealer close to the clinic and they took care of it so I could do the 35 mile drive. Got home, went with a friend on a local art walk and then found the tire was loosing pressure again. I had been parked at my bank and used their ATM machine, found out that I left my card in the reader (second time in a week, when I had never had it occur before in 7 years). Made it home and suddenly heard a string break on my large harp. Then got a call from someone I've been seeing to cancel our plans today. Sigh. Went to bed.

I got up this am. Sure enough the tire had lost significant pressure. Went to the dealer and the tide began to turn. They fixed the tire and washed my Jeep at no charge as apparently the loss of pressure was due to something they had missed when I had it in a couple of weeks ago. Found out that my harp string was located on a lever that we thought had been broken. Instead it was that the string had been installed wrong when they strung it last fall after building it. So it's fine. No need to make a trip to get the lever fixed. The someone called and we're getting together at a far better time next week, given the craziness of the morning into afternoon. The bank had my ATM card and I was able to get it without getting a new one. So the day ended up better. I even had a good catharsis with a friend to let go of some of the emotions concerning my Mom. I put on some Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings and got my groove on again after that.

So it's better and I'm breathing deeper again.

Hope all is well for all of you.

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, "Tell Me":


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