Wednesday, September 5, 2012


No matter how lost you may feel, in a true labyrinth you are never lost. You are exactly where you are supposed to be.
Helen Curry

Today I went to my acupuncture treatment. In the last weeks, it seems that I've been feeling better and much is improving with my world. At the end of treatment, my acupuncturist who is Chinese, expressed disappointment that my "liver chi" wasn't doing as well as he hoped and it might cause me problems.

It was a bit deflating. But I rose to the occasion and responded that I feel that I am moving through the labyrinth of healing and I'm right where I should be now. I feel as if I've come far and am doing incredible. That I am moving towards the center of what will be. It also taught me a lesson about expectations. Healing is not about meeting the healer's expectations. It is about meeting my own. It doesn't mean though that there cannot be a meeting in this labyrinth of healing. Let me explain.

I went to a wedding several years ago where a couple walked a labyrinth to be married. Helen Curry gives an explanation of what happens:

...the two of them have begun their journeys separately; the labyrinth allows this reality to be reflected. At this time they are both moving around in circles, both on the same path, heading to the same place, yet not walking together. They pass each other, which is really powerful because you know they are eventually going to meet....

So it is with healing. I've begun my journey from a different point of view then that of the other healers I am consulting. We are moving around in circles, really both on the same path though and heading to the same place. We are just not walking together. We are passing each other, but eventually we will meet in the center of healing.

Tonight I am grateful for the lessons I have learned in walking life's labyrinths.

Kate Price, "The Labyrinth":

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