Saturday, May 30, 2015

All the Young Girls Love Alice

All the young girls love Alice, "Tender young Alice," they say.
Bernie Taupin and Elton John 

I was going to go on more about the dulcimer, but tonight there is a side trip to rock and roll. And there is a bit of a story how I got there. Several weeks ago when I was on a tour to vintage stores with a friend I found a Santos cage doll. It was intriguing and I wanted one, but was deterred by the cost. During my Internet searching to try to find a more reasonable one I discovered Retro Art Cafe and they had an interesting approach to make one. I ordered it, made it and then was fascinated by their shrine kits and purchased several. Today I began a theatrical shrine. I decided to take it in a different direction and that leads to the rock and roll I mentioned earlier.

As a teenager I had a set of friends who were more of the inheritors of the flower children of the love generation and then there was another set who were influenced by the edgy Detroit rock and rollers playing  around there. On of the biggest: Alice Cooper. As I moved away from my small town in Michigan, my musical tastes have grown to be more diverse, but my first love will always be rock and roll. A few months ago, I ran across the documentary, "Super Duper Alice Cooper". In one scene they tied Bernie Taupin and Elton John's, "All the Young Girls Love Alice", to scenes of a young Alice Cooper. It made me smile thinking of my and other female friends love of him (much to our parents dismay). So this afternoon when I began the shrine, somehow given my experience  of Alice Cooper's theatrical shows the pictured shrine came out.

Some of my friends are/were surprised by my darker edge that surfaces from time to time. It's part of me that I accept. To paraphrase one of my disciplines mentors Carl Jung, you have to embrace and accept both your dark and light sides to be a complete being. So the 'All the Young Girls' piece, joins another that is lighter in nature. But as I alluded in an other post, this is a whimsical piece that carries a bite. It was fun completing it.

Since I couldn't decide which artist songs to include tonight, it will be a twofer.

Elton John, 'All the Young Girls Love Alice':

Alice Cooper, 'No More Mr. Nice Guy':

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