Sunday, December 11, 2016

All Of This And A Cup Of Tea

While there is tea, there is hope.
-Arthur Wing Pinero

I find myself taking refuge more and more in a quiet cup of tea. During the time I've been away I have returned to school of sorts and am in the process of becoming a certified life coach. So I find myself curled up in a chair, reading texts, developing a business plan... gaining new skills that I hope open up as the new year approaches.

Due to the recent election and what it could mean to this country and our future, I find myself sipping a cup of tea and contemplating what my response will be. I am a clinically trained social worker. The ethics I espouse encompass social justice and action. And action is probably going to be a response I choose, but I will observe, contemplate some more  before I chose the action that is needed.

Finally in this season of renewal, I have created a ritual of stepping back from the holiday busyness and spending quiet time to appreciate all I have and have been given. To reflect on gratitude and share it with those I love. And to know that even as we approach the longest day of the year, to know what our ancestors have known for thousands of years: even when all seems darkest, light will appear and the hope for a better tomorrow is born anew.

The Piano Guys, 'O Come O Come Emmanuel':


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