Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Families are like fudge-mostly sweet with a few nuts

Holidays can be tough on families.  And depending on how your family is/was,well....Mine is and has been to paraphrase a bit from Charles Dickens: "the worst of families, the best of families." So there are some members I have close bonds with and others not so much.

 In the last couple of years I have lost all of my uncles except one and I keep in fairly close contact with him. I spent an hour on the phone tonight sharing holiday memories with him. The hard part is he remains in the Midwest where I'm from so I don't get to see him often. The good part is because he doesn't get out and around as easily, he enjoys talking on the phone and we always have excellent conversations. Plus he has provided in recent months some pieces of puzzles that have existed for years in our family system.

So here's to our families, they can be the best of our times and they can be the worst, but they are there. Here's hoping that this holiday they are the best.

Selah, "Where Are You Christmas':


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