Friday, March 2, 2007

Just Thoughts

Just some thoughts. I'm just in that zone of stillness, not sure what's next, what's coming....I think the news I received last week that my brother-in-law's construction business might go down the tubes after 22 years due to the bad economy where they're at is part of that. I'm concerned about it because my mother has been living with my sister and him and they all may end up out in Arizona instead of the Midwest. One of my original reasons for going back towards the East was to be closer to the Midwest in case something happened as my parents are getting up in age. But now I'm looking at do I stay closer here. Also it seems there are enormous changes for others of my family members in the Midwest, i.e. divorces, moving etc. I know I shouldn't let my family dictate my moves, but still connection to them is important...We'll see...

Ah well, just musing. I've been altering some Polaroids with gel pens and just doing little projects. Today I'm going to try and do more Photoshop lessons as I have some work to do on my nephew's senior pictures. The weekend will be about relaxing and hooking up with some friends. In the next two weeks I'm heading towards the ocean to get my fix. I'm thinking of going up to Carmel to Point Lobos in early April before tourist season hits to get some photos. I was there last year.

Since I'm in an ocean mood, here's a bit more Enya "Caribbean Blue". The photo was taken around Half Moon Bay and reminds me of journeying:

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