Friday, March 16, 2007


Just a simple laid back day. The condo is torn up for the weekend as taking advantage of the warm weather, we're catching up on some projects. I'm going to take off next weekend instead. I caught up with a friend over coffee and discussed photography of course. I grabbed some fashion magazines from England (I like how they think about fashion and their photography) to peruse. I usually update my makeup and clothes this time of year. I don't do cheap foundation or skin care as I believe this is where my money is best spent. I love Bobbi Brown, MAC, Vincent Longo, Makeup Forever and Sue Devitt. For my foundation I go to Sephora/Nordstrom's, but for eye shadows, blush, lipstick/glosses, EBay rules. I love Kiehl's skin care and they have a great philosophy of giving back. What can I say; I like being a girl.

I love fashion, but due to my job and life style I tend to embrace functionality for the most part. Levi's and a great line of reasonable artist/boyfriend jeans from American Eagle are what I wear when I'm not working, or yoga pants, with tees or form fitting tops. Work is usually simple chinos, pants and tees/tops/blazers/sweaters. It's very cold in the clinics year around.

I grabbed this shot at the Alameda market and it reminded me of Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians, "What I Am":

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