Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Opening Again

Last year I had a very negative experience in a yoga community I had joined (not many choices here). Let's just say it was a fairly insular community with narrow ideas of what yoga is about. It soured me. Late yesterday I found my way back to the yoga mat. It was a quiet homecoming of breath, bone and flesh. I realized that yoga is about opening up to self and listening to one's heart. I have visited many yoga communities in several communities and the ones that are best are the ones that have always been connected to the earth, that are real and open to the complexity of reinterpretation in a changing world. It's okay to be sensual, love makeup, be a philosopher, like romance novels, enjoy a good wine and food and so on. If you don't think so take a tour of studios in either Toronto or San Francisco, two of the most interesting "yoga cities" I have ever visited.

In celebration here is a trio of session songs from Patty Griffin:

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