Thursday, June 21, 2007

Reflection of Moments

Have you ever had a moment when you stopped what you were doing and wondered why the %$@# you were doing it? That moment came today as I was typing data into a computer at a cubicle in a dimly lit room with neurotic people surrounding me. Not to belittle people who do data entry, enjoy and find meaning it, but it stopped making sense. I'm finding the largest share of my 480 moments a day at work are spend either justifying any moments I do have with people I see or trying to help others justify why we do what we do....

It has been lately as if time is slowing and I'm becoming more aware of my place in each moment. I've discovered in those moments I want meaning. And the meaning seems to exist in the moments I spend with helping people one-on-one, with family/friends, creating art and cooking food and many other related things. Now I can hear my blue collar root voice of reason going, "are those moments going to feed you kid?" But my soul says find the meaning and you'll find the way to support those moments.

The Who: "Eminence Front"

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