Friday, June 29, 2007

Once in a Blue Moon

One of my joys in life is when I dive into a tutorial on a subject and actually end up having it work. I was out again taking photos in preparation for a shoot of the full moon tomorrow night. I was excited about what I ended up given the size of lens I was using and shooting with street lights everywhere. It will be a blue moon, a fitting end to the past couple of weeks of planet/moon/star alignments.

It's been a week of unexpected happenings also. One of the things I've talked/blogged about lately is finding a way to balance work and having time to grow as an artist. Suddenly out of the blue I was offered a chance to work in a set of clinics in a way that will have me working three days a week and having four off. Too add to all of this I was given the incentive of a better salary if I would make the change. The final irony is that it involves the clinic that I had gone out on a limb to report some problems on. Higher ups were impressed by my advocacy and decided to ask me to take it on for the time being. After consultation with some friends and family I accepted the change. I have goose bumps though. Another major lesson in setting intention and then trusting in the process for it to happen.

Edie Brickell, "Once in a Blue Moon":

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