Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Lilac Moment

Fear is a slinking cat I find beneath the lilacs of my mind.
Sophie Tunnell

Fear is a insidious thing. It whispers to you in the late hours of the evening. When you're vulnerable and weak it seizes the moment. It tries to seduce you into believing that you're a fool for even thinking you can call yourself a photographer and you'll never succeed in finding your vision. Then you find a bunch of lilacs that call to you. You manage a few shots and fear is pushed back to the shadows as the light of your creativity emerges. The realization comes that it wasn't gone, it was just waiting until you were courageous enough to bring it forth.

Nina Simone, "Lilac Wine":


Yolanda said...

I loved finding your site and seeing your photography.

Anonymous said...

Your photograph is beautiful. It has a feeling of soft nostalgia and heady scent. And you've paired your image with a perfect, sad and longing song.

Anonymous said...

your courage reveals your romance

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