Saturday, April 19, 2008

These Days

Light cannot enter if the windowpane is darkened.

I haven't had much to say lately. I've just been focusing on getting healed and basic needs. If anyone had told me that physical therapy involved so much work I would have been amazed. Photography has fallen by the wayside temporarily as I've felt somewhat detached. When I spoke to someone who has been through something similar she told me that it's common to feel that way after the surgery. She said that you go into thinking you'll be accomplishing all of these things with the time you have off when really all you usually accomplish is getting healthy. But once you're back to full health you get your motivation back to accomplish the other things in your life. In other worlds the light will be shining back in.

I did go to a concert the other night when a friend called and asked if I would go with him at the last minute. So I heard Jackson Browne do an acoustic concert. I know of his work though I've never been a huge fan, but it was awesome. He is an activist and definitely encouraged people to get involved in the world to make change. Another light trying to shine through some of the darkened panes of life these days.

Jackson Browne, "These Days":

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Anonymous said...

glad you are healing. there's more to life than photography...isn't there?

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