Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ghost Town Flamingos

One shouldn't put all their flamingos in a basket.

As inferred, I've started my trip to the mountains. One of my first stops was Bodie. I got there early to shoot, but by noon swarms of people had arrived including some photography workshoppers. When you cannot turn around without tripping over a tripod it is time to leave. Before I left though I found these flamingos. I'm not sure if they were set up for the workshops or just a joke. I would like to think it for a joke as I certainly was chortling.

I also ran across some sheepherders with a mule beginning to push their herd across a major highway. This came complete with 2 men in safety jackets with slow signs beginning to set up to stop traffic. Unfortunately there was no place to pull over and catch it on camera, so as more then one person has said, I had to take a mental picture. But again I was grinning at the slight bizzareness as I sped on my way to my next stop.

It's been a great day, just what the doctor prescribed for stress relief. But I have to ask who knew that pink flamingos lived in ghost towns?

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