Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Payin' The Cost

Blame it on my gypsy soul.

One thing moving deeper into creativity is teaching me, is that you have to stand for your vision. This can be true of how you live every day life also. I was brought up to face things head on, to be honest and authentic, even though it may be difficult. These days more and more I find when you are trying to work out issues with people, taking care of a problem on the phone with a business etc., that people are working from a script. And it can be difficult to impossible to have them move from it. It's too bad when they don't.  It's the process of give and take dialogue that helps create solutions and possibilities.

Health care today and mental health is being done more and more by the aforementioned script, although we call it patient-centered  or client centered (I always thought that that is what I was doing all these years). Again that is the difficulty. I am more attuned to an open process.  If people are afraid of saying  or doing the wrong thing and hold back, then they become like stunted logs with no growth. This seems to be the case where I work.  So more and more my ability to effect change ends up feeling soulless. And thus my searching for what is next.

I have a gypsy soul. It's passionate and wants to learn, feel and grow with every encounter in life. It wants to live large and in charge. And to move onto new ways of achieving this. That being said, I know I may have to pay the cost to be the boss, but it will be worth it.

Pat Benetar, 'Payin' The Cost To Be the Boss':

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