Friday, June 26, 2015

Needles and Threads

Stitch your stress away.

A Friday off. Cleaning, drawing, stitching and getting ready for a friend coming to stay. She loves vintage and is an avid crocheter. We will be hitting the farmers market to meet up with another friend and his daughters. Then the vintage shops and yarn shop here in town. For some not the most exciting, but for us perfect. We may not get many more as she is attempting to start a family. That's okay though, it will be great to be an honorary auntie.

Some asked me how they could learn to embroider online. Sublime Stitching is one place, but just about my favorite is Mary Corbet ' s Needle 'N Thread. She has a wealth of knowledge and is generous about sharing it. 

Hope your Friday is a good one.

Linda Ronstadt: Silver Threads and Golden Needles':

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