Monday, July 6, 2015

Long Love Rock

Rock and Roll has no beginning and no end for it is the very pulse of life itself.
-Larry Williams

Anyone who has ever read this blog or who gets me, knows that music flows through me and keeps me going. I've been playing guitar for more years then I want to admit. Not primarily electric, but some day...I have several Luna guitars because they fit my hands so well. Any way people will ask me what type of music I love the most. No doubt, rock and roll is the winner. One of my most proud moments in life was when my nephews raided my rock collection begging for what I had...did I deny them? Are you kidding?! I also threw in a guitar or two along the way.

Some see rock and roll as dead or hopelessly old fashioned. The other day a 'youngster' in his car next to me apparently thought so as after hearing, 'The Who' that I had playing at a good volume with my windows down. He looked over at me, sneered, and put on hard core rap. I turned up the bass, gunned it and took off my rock smoking his rap. Take that green under educated pup. Seriously I have nothing against rap, but if I'm old fashioned because I love rock, I'll take the title. Cause I know like the Phoenix rising up, it is being born again and again....

Long live rock.

The Who, 'Long Live Rock':

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