Friday, July 10, 2015

Maybe Now Your Perspective Will Change

Have a new perspective.
Joel Osteen

One of the most valuable lessons that ever came to me was when I was taking a photography course here at a local junior college. Doug was determined to make us see in new ways.  We photographed a simple object from various angles. We lay on our backs, climbed on ladders, got as close as we could, you get the idea. The lesson didn't stop there. He was old school so we got to go into a darkroom. We found out about exposure time, filters, grades of paper etc. Although the methods seemed infinite, the ultimate lesson wasn't.  It was you can take the simplest object and change how you or others will see it by changing your perspective.

It's been one of the most important life lessons I have had so far. Simple yet profound. But then isn't that true of those teachings that you retain. And how am I doing? As I wrote last night I am still very much the apprentice and I'll be there for a time to come. 

Michelle Penn, 'Maybe Now':

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