Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Bringing Into Being


And I don't think the garden loses its ectasy in the winter. It's quiet down there. But the roots are riotous.

Coming to Arizona has had it's issues persononally, politicially and socially.  As I indicated leaving California was partially due to changes I never expected to see. There is much I miss about California, but much I have learned to appreciate about Arizona. Adjusting to being closer to my family and realizing how we see each other is rooted in our childhood trauma. Getting to see each other as the adults we have become and have been living as has been a challenge. Growing older and seeing myself as a woman in a culture that would have me become invisible has brought about new ways of existence and being.

We are approaching the solstice and I reflect that I am seeking to live the ectasy of life in the winter. And not only this season that we are in but all that are coming. It's again a challenge, but isn't that the purpose of living, a constant bringing into being that which we have been, are and becoming.

Mediaeval Baebes, " Noel Nouvelet":

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