Saturday, December 30, 2023

The Turning of the Wheel

"With the changing seasons come new beginnings."

The year's end is almost here. Review, reflection and resolutions seem to be the themes on everyone's mind. We treat the happening of this event as if we are stepping into a abrupt new horizon, not yet known, both full of hopes and fears that we carry with us from the old. As I have gotten older I have begun to see and experience it as the turning of the wheel of seasons, a motion gentle and gradual. The experience guided by the rhythm of nature. There is aways one startling aspect related to nature though that I see at this time now that I live in the West. It contrasts with the Midwest/East Coast exposure of the earlier years of my life. That is the arrival of citrus fruit in the holiday season. Seeing it come to fruition seems an act of magic. Something so bursting with life in what I still perceive as a barren time of year.  It's a lesson that each season while bringing continuity dichotomously brings new beginnings.

Chicago,  "Beginnings":

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