Thursday, December 21, 2023

Night into Light


“Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we celebrate the darkness as it is in its fullest influence. The once fertile forests are now bare and awaiting their rebirth. The surrounding shadows whispering to us of our natural-born powers. And the knowledge of a convergent awakening.”

                                                                      -Dacha Avelin 

Tonight brings the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. I just walked Teagan after dealing with several hours of working with clients to find light in the midst of the darkness. All around I found homes festooned with light, including my own. I looked up and saw the patterns of stars shining down. Being not to far from the airport, planes sailed overhead flashing their light against the darkness taking people to holiday destinations, carrying the hopes and fears for a holiday that might bring celebration and growth or the darkness of old patterns.

So far in this life journey I have made, I have been lucky enough to find I have always been able to travel out of the night into light.  This is my hope for all that their journey's bring them to the knowledge that night will is necessary and will bring the rebirth into light.

Antiphony, "Solstice Carol":


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