Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Valentine's Day. A day of expectations and contrasts. Last night I dreamt of Brandon with who I had maintained a quiet long term relationship with for a while and ended last year. Unfortunately we ended on a bitter note. I'm sure it was brought on by all the hype of having someone to "celebrate" with. Also, I had an unexpected invite to dinner from someone I recently met. I had to turn him down as I'm getting ready to go to Arizona on Friday morning and had other commitments. Life goes on.

The sweet is I received 2 Polaroid classic 600 and 600 ultra cameras I had gotten from EBay (I have one coming to do transfers with). I missed having them. I love the old fashioned burnt out film feel you get on occasion from them and just the slowing down that occurs from taking your time to select your photo. So I ran out this morning before work and caught the sun hitting the patio wall/gate. Again sweetness. I also played a bit with the scanner and Adobe Lightroom which I'm going to have to add to my collection once it's out of the Beta phase in a couple of weeks.

Tonights music: October Project's Return to Me:

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