Sunday, February 25, 2007

Just Life

I went to a local cafe very early to meet a friend for a cup of tea and conversation as we haven't had time to get together the last month. We discussed the usual round activities, families, politics and men. There was someone there who had really spurred the conversation. He was gorgeous and we kept exchanging looks, nothing really happened, although my friend tried to spur me on. It was just more of a appreciation flirtation with the eyes.

This resulted:

sitting in the cafe
the savory sensations
tantalizing us
i want to taste your ripe mouth
but sip my hot tea instead

The photo seemed to match the voluptuous mood I've been experiencing. They were playing some Eric Clapton so I grabbed a couple of of his classical performances to share this am to get the day rocking, "I Shot the Sheriff" and "Layla":

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