Thursday, February 15, 2007


Just a quick note tonight as I'm getting ready to leave for Phoenix. Learned a bit of a new trick using solarization so tried it out. I'm not completely pleased, but didn't have time for more. Still I feel a bit like a sorcerer bringing into being a new way of looking at something that I've never considered before. I'm packing up just a carry on bag, so hopefully it will be an easy trip. I'm taking camera equipment to shoot some senior pictures for my nephew. So that should be fun, plus plan to do some hiking with my sister around the area. It will be a short 5 days, but it will be great to get out of town, plus do some thinking about upcoming changes. Only bad thing is leaving Bella for the first time since I adopted her from the rescue league.

Tonight's music: Stevie Nicks "Sorcerer":

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