Sunday, February 17, 2008

Song of Life

Does not the very word 'creative' mean to build, to initiate, to give out, to act - rather than to be acted upon, to be subjective? Living photography is positive in its approach, it sings a song of life - not death.
Berenice Abbott

Today I'm spending time today with various aspects of photography. On days like today when I'm involved as much in being as doing I reflect on my relationship to the art of writing with light. First of all is awe, that of all of the arts that could have chosen me, photography did. When people find out I'm pursuing photography they inevitably want to know why. I can provide logical reasons, but again, like choosing a lover, there is a passion that occurs between us; a song of life that is created and danced with. And for anyone who has found that dance with an art, a person, a cause....they are the ones who will understand what I mean, no explanations necessary.

Alanis Morissitte, "Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love)":

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