Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vulnerable Love

Real love hurts, real love makes you totally open and vulnerable. Real love will take you far behind yourself,and therefore real love will devastate you. If love doesn't shatter you, you will not know love

I woke up early before dawn this morning with the moon shining through the blinds, I had awoken from a dream about a past love and there were tears on my cheeks. As I lie there watching the progress of the moon for some reason it called to me to capture it's passage. I set my camera on a tripod and laid back down with the shutter release in hand and thought about love, it's path and vulnerability. Will I find it again? We'll see.

Cat Power, "Where Is My Love":

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Anonymous said...

Dreams of past loves can strike a powerful blow on our hearts, can't they? You will find love again. Of course you will, you lovely soul. Be kind to yourself in the meantime. :)

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