Saturday, February 9, 2008

Winter into Spring

Winter passes and one remembers one's perseverance.
Yoko Ono, Season of Glass

For most people spring is still a yearning. After almost 5 years in Northern California I still have a hard time getting used to the emergence of flowers, the scent of moist green grass and the feel of soft warm breezes this early in the year. The last couple of months have been a slow period where creativity is concerned, but now, as the flowers that are pushing through the warmed soil, so ideas are coming into the sun. I'm photographing, working harder at school lessons and taking trips again. It felt like I was far from my goals, but I persevered and once again am blooming.

Speaking of blooming, take a look at and support "The New Orleans Kid Camera Project", they're helping kids recover from Hurricane Katrina in a number of ways. The photography is incredible.

Transatlantic Sessions "SWAN LK 243" - Catriona MacKay:

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