Saturday, March 15, 2008

Found Objects

I always photograph found objects; excepting portraits, all of my photographs are of found objects. And now, thinking of the best of them, I hear little crashes tinkling back twenty years, for the best of them have always been photographs that found themselves.
Minor White

Being that I've been grounded from going to far afield and doing intensive photography, my skink pinhole pancake lens came at the right time (the universe does provide). As I was out walking Bella this am in the park, I found a hornet's nest and a blue feather (signs of the emergent spring). Voila I've found some direction for the next several days; photography with found objects. I also found out I could take the photos in the bright sunlight without a tripod and actually see the object through the viewfinder instead of blindly composing. Still a lesson in patience. I'm loving the colors and the just plain fun I'm having with this lens, it feels like I'm photographing dreams.

Alison Krauss & Union Station, "Now That I Found You":

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