Friday, March 7, 2008

Spring or Waking Up

Spring is the land awakening. The March Winds are the morning yawn.
Lewis Grizzard

There are some good things about this upcoming surgery, it just took a bit to get to them. I'm going to be off work for potentially a few weeks. It just happens I live in one of the only five states that offer disability pay so I will have my pay while I'm off. So in-between physical therapy sessions, I may not be able to do much photography, but I can catch up on my reading etc. around photography, watching dvds that have piled up and spend some time with friends.

I have to pay tribute to some bloggers also who are helping me count my blessings, Elena, Susanna, Jessie, Jen, Shauna, Alex and others I'm missing. Their thoughts and experiences are like guide lights along life's path and all I can say humbly is thank you.

Spring Awakening (Broadway Musical) Cast, "Don't Do Sadness/Blue Wind":


Jessie said...

lisa-marie, good luck with everything and i hope you are able to enjoy the time you will have off.

you have a beautiful blog...such stunning photography!

Anonymous said...

healing is such a meaningful time. you will explore it just as you do everything else in your life-you are a traveler. best to you~Elena

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